Verum Classes

Base Classes


A chanting magic user, whom weaves the strands of the lifestream into braids to produce magical spell-like effects. Uses a single resource pool, has access to their entire level appropriate braid list (spell list).

Current Archetype Speculation
-Elemental Specialist
-A melee focused variant wielding a Braidblade
-A bard-esque singing and performance archtype


An Elite trained martial character who uses their intelligence as well as their physical power to overwhelm their opponents. Tactical and technical geniuses on the battlefield, they overpower their enemies and protect their allies.

Current Archetype Speculations:

Parent and Alternate classes


There are some that take banditry to a much higher art. These people are outlaws. More than roaming bandits and theives, yet not so honorable as to play nice, An Outlaw roam the wild places of the world in search of fortune, splendor, and a good scrap. By using their guile to distract trick and overwealm opponents they are a match for any martial character

Current Archetype Speculations
Steal specialist
Feint specialist
Assassination Specialist

Parent and Alternate Classes
Fighter and Rogue


There are those born with special blood. This blood ties them to other beings. Sometimes these ties are strained, and sometimes these ties are deadly. The blood hunter uses the magic in their blood to seek out others of their kind and those that would oppose those of their kind, and destroy them in equal fashion. Such individuals are often hounded by the very thing they chase. And in he end, who will they become? the predator or the prey?

Archtype Speculations
Bleeding specialist
Sanguine augmentation specalist
Wild Magic User

Parent and alternate classes
Ranger / Sorcerer


There are legends of the ancient stones where the first people worshipped the old faith. Although magic has evolved, these old practices remain. And there are some that keep to the old ways. These ancient forms made new are the Aern. The Aern use the power of dance and communion with nature to summon her creatures and fury. The Aern are more spontaniouse than their druid bretheren and understand that cities and the people who build them are part of the same circle and seek to overcome such artificial walls.. With the power of their dance, the Aern may just have the power to do so.

Archtype Speculations
Street Dancer
Stone Stomper

Parent and Altnerate classes
Bard and Druid

Spire Lord

There are those that see divinity in the form of the arcane. They believe there is a hidden plan above any deity and any spirit. With the flames of religious devotion and the power of their arcane knowledge, a Spire Lord Ascends. They seek to spread knowledge where there is ignorance, and may the gods have mercy on those that try to stop them.

Archetype Speculations
School specializations

Parent and Alternate Classes
Paladin, Wizard, and Magus


The power of hatred is a potent force. If love can make anything, then hate can undo anything. The Fiend understands this truth. The Fiend channels their inner hatred coursing through them, and applies it with terrible afflictions and terrible damage. So Powerful is the Fiends hatred, that their own bodies become weapons.

Archetype Speculations

Parent and Alternate Classes
Monk and Witch

The Fanatic

Religion has its extremists. Among these extremists there are those that are even still considered extremists. These individuals are considered a Fanatic. A fanatic uses its absolute commitment to its tennants or belief structure to insight themselves into religious furvors and furies to overwealm opponents and obstacles. Such individuals are unwavering, unyielding, and unstoppable in their faith.

Archtype Speculations

Parent and Alternate Classes
Cleric and Barbarian

The Engineer

A battle much like any device has its moving parts and can be fixed or broken. The engineer, using their contingencies, has a pivotal role in adjusting the various outcomes a battle can produce. Weather it be the timely application of healing, a rallying cry to attack, or a crippling act of sabotage, the engineer can make sense of the chaos of combat.

Archetype Speculations
Field Doctor
Line Breaker

Parent and Alternate Classes
Cavalier and Alchemist

The Morph Blade

Metal and mysticism have always gone hand in hand, there are some that take this not as a peculiarity but as a calling. The Morph Blade uses metal and their very bodies in synchronistic harmony. Changing either on the fly to suit the battle on hand, the morph blade can overcome any obstacle or encounter. Woe be to any foe that faces this shapeshifter on the field of battle.

Archetype Speculations

Parent and Alternate Classes
Fighter and Summoner

Verum Classes

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